A Disneyland for all the Pani Puri buffs.

R City Mall in Ghatkopar happened to be the perfect place for all the Pani Puri enthusiasts of Mumbai. Thanks to the massive success of Curly Tales’ Pani Puri Festival of 2018, we could witness a 2.0 version of what it seems to be heaven where all our favorite treats and desserts collaborate with our favorite chaat item in 25 different ways to bless our tastebuds.

What we had:

buy modafinil modalert uk Jackie’s Teekhi Pani Puri (Juhu)
The classic spicy street Pani Puri giving all of us the bambaiya feels.

http://dreamproductionsdj.com/?p=16 Ice Cold Pani Puri (Ghatkopar Khau Gully)
What is better than Pani Puri? Ice Cold Pani in the Puri doubling the chills as we devour it.

Mac n Cheese Puri (WTC Virar)
Crunchy puris filled with soft macaroni pasta and cheese, plus, more grated cheese on top with oregano and chilly flakes.

Pizza Shots Pani Puri (Om Snacks)
The Puri breaking in the mouth releasing the flavors of cheese and pizza toppings.

TeX Mex Pani Puri (Hungry Head)
Hungry Head, famous for it’s varieties of Maggi didn’t fail to surprise us combining Maggi with Pani Puri making it the most Desi millennial pani puri. It is perfect for those who like their Pani Puri a little too spicy with the bonus of Maggi in it.

Mango Pakwan Puri Chat (The Culture House)
Lacha puris filled with mango slices and boiled moong daal, garnished with sev puri toppings and gravy bringing the summer right in our mouths.

Italian Rollercoaster Pani Puri (Shreeji The Fusion Kitchen)
Fryums stuffed with cheesy Italian filling served with a dip which is a mixture of yogurt, raw mango and tamarind chutney.

Chocolate Basundi Golgappa (Angrezi Dhaba)
Puris with a chocolate coat eaten by pouring basundi in it. A perfect dessert for the end of a perfect festival to celebrate.

How to get there:
R City Mall in Ghatkopar can be accessed via share autos as well as Ola or Uber.

We tried all this for 1000 rupees. And it was totally worth it. The entire event was well organized and the staff working there as well as the people serving at the stalls were very pelasant. Hygine was a priority. The place started to get more and more crowded around 6 o’clock in the evening. There was a type of pani puri for every mood, each one of them tasting simply divine. And the “cherry on top” was the Pani Puri eating competition. 300 rupees per person and that person gets to eat unlimited pani puris and the winner gets a cash prize of 600 rupees.

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