Biggest BAKASUR Burger Challenge in Mumbai | Ultimate Food Challenge

buy modafinil uk fast delivery Classmates & Co. is a café that you’ll find in Badlapur East. To be honest, it was a little surprising to see such a cool modern café in Badlapur.

In case you’re wondering where this name came from, the answer lies on their menu card where they share the story about how a group of school friends came up with this idea of starting a business together. And this story inspires the vibe of the café which is has a warm summer-like feeling to it reminding you of your good old school and college days.

It has indoor as well as outdoor seating. The price is affordable and the service is quick. The menu has a wide range of dishes including pastas, pizzas, momos with a lot of things to choose from. Another unique thing is that all their breads, sauces, pizza bases are home-made! It would be safe for us to say that it has got food for all kinds of taste buds as well as for the people with the sweet tooth.

buy furosemide online uk One of their most special things is their DRUMROLLS , LEGEN-wait for it-DARY “BAKASUR BURGER CHALLENGE.”

A giant burger stuffed with

4 Burger Patties
BBQ sauce
Tandoori sauce
Tomato Sauce

Rules for the challenge are that you’ve to complete the challenge within a given time limit and if you win, the burger will be on the house!
2m 50 secs for 3 people
1m 50 secs for 4 people

Chicken Kheema Ghotala Fries
Spicy chicken khemma, jalapeno cheese sauce. Tasted amazing.

Cheesy Makhni Pasta
Served with garlic bread. The taste of this pizza is really different and unique. There is indian touch to this pizza. Absolutely loved it.

Virgin Mojito
We tried the lemon one. Very refreshing.

Thai Chicken
This is another unique dish. Very delicious.

Oreo Berry Whirl
Oreo based thickshake. Loved the texture and taste.

Fruit Shake
We tried the strawberry shake. The shake was very fresh.

Tandoori Pasta
Pasta with a little indianness added by the tandoori flavour.

Cheese dripped burger
A tall burger with cheese dripping from each and every side and direction.

The ambience and the decor adds up to the youthfulness and the burger challenge is another fun element for a friends get-together making it a perfect place for youngsters trapped inside all of us to have quality food and quality time.

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