Easy Home-cooked Chicken Biryani.

It’s Eid and it is inevitable to get through the day without thinking about Chicken Biryani. This year we thought about it so much that we ended up making it at home like one of those impulsive cooks…….. No, It’s not a thing.

We just made that up lol. Anyway, it was our first attempt to prepare this mouth-watering dish at home and the result was amazing. And what better day to share this dish with you than Eid?!

Biryani is one of the most popular regal dishes of India and it’s way of making changes from region to region. While making it at home it will take around one to two hours.

So let’s begin! 

This is what you’ll need:

http://columbusclimate.com/product/ti14sc-f/?add-to-cart=6334 For the chicken marinade:

Chicken: 500 grams
Minced mint leaves: (optional)
Garam masala powder: half a teaspoon
Corriander powder: 1 teaspoons
Ginger garlic paste: 2 tablespoons
Chopped tomatoes: 3
Fried onions: 3
Turmeric powder: half a teaspoon
Red pepper powder: 1 teaspoon
Salt: for taste
Yogurt: 250 gms
Corriander: (optional)

buy lasix cheap For cooking the chicken:

Vegetable oil: 5 tablespoons
Ghee: 1 tablespoon
Green cardamoms: 2
Black cardamoms: 2
Bay leaf: 1
Cloves: 3
Black pepper: 3 to 4 grains
Star anise: 1
Cinnamon stick: 1 inch

For the rice:

Basmati rice: 2 cups
Salt: for taste
Oil: 2 teaspoons
Ghee: 1 teaspoon
Bay leaf: 1
Cloves: 2 to 4
Black and green cardamoms: 1 of each
Star anise:1
Black pepper: 2 or 3 grains
4 cups of water

Before the actual cooking, you’ll need to prepare some stuff beforehand.

1. Fried Onions:
Fry the onion slices on a medium flame till they become golden brown and crispy but make sure they don’t get burnt. You can also use readymade fried onions available in stores.

2. Marinating the chicken:
Take the chicken in a bowl and add all the marinade ingredients to it and mixing it well anywhere between 30 minutes to overnight.
( The longer you marinate, the stronger will be the flavour.)

Now that you are done with the prerequisites, let’s get to the actual method:

There are two steps for making chicken biryani. 
The Rice and The Chicken.

The Rice:
It is important that you use only the Basmati Rice for making any kind of biryani. Wash the rice two or three times and soak it in water for about 30 minutes. In another vessel, boil the 4 cups of water and add oil, ghee, salt, a bay leaf, cloves, cardamoms, star anise and pour in the soaked drained rice in the boiling water for cooking. Attention! Do not fully cook the rice as it will be steaming with the chicken as well. So just cook 70 percent of it. You will know it’s done when there’s about 1 cup of water left in the vessel yet to evaporate. Then drain the excess water.

The Chicken:
Take a non-sticky vessel, preferably a Dutch oven of a big size since we’ll add rice to it later and heat oil and ghee in it. Add all the spices to the oil and fry them for half a minute or one to extract it’s flavours.
Once that is done, add the marinated chicken and fry it till the mixture thickens. If it looks a little dry before cooking, add some water. Once the mixture starts to thicken, make a hollow space at the centre of the vessel. It is done for not letting the rice burn. And add the 70 percent cooked rice to it like a covering layer to the chicken. Make sure you don’t press the rice. Just spread it gently. And let it steam for a few minutes.

Once ready, you can garnish the biryani with coriander, saffron or fried onions.

There you go!
This will definitely qualify you as the head chef of the house. Damn cool right?

Let us know in the comments your experience of cooking it.

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