Sizzlers on the Roof – The Tipsy Terrace, Radisson Goregaon

The Tipsy Terrace as the name suggests is an open-air restaurant and bar in the lavish Radisson Goregaon. They have an ongoing Sizzlers Festival – Sizzlers on The Roof serving the best of Sizzlers from the menu.

Jhinga Cheena

We ordered the Carribean Paneer Angara and Jhinga Cheena for starters. Both the starters were upto the mark in terms of presentation and taste. They were served with sautéed vegetables and french fries. The paneer was perfectly marinated and the Caribbean and Indian spices blended really well in the dish. Jhinga Cheena, if you are a seafood lover is a dish you should definitely try – good blend rich Indian spices.

Pasta Indiana
Peri Peri Murgh Patiyala
Pav Bhaji Fondue

For mains we had Pav Bhaji Fondue, Pasta Indiana and Peri Peri Murgh Patiyala. Pav Bhaji and Peri Peri Murgh Patiyala served with bread croutons. The chicken was very tender and delicious. The Pav Bhaji had the right amount of tanginess to it. Pasta Indiana was sizzling with the aroma of fresh vegetables in white sauce. It had spaghetti pasta with Indian spices and sauces, tasted delicious.

Sizzling Browie
Pearl Of Ocean

For the sweet endings we called in for Sizzling Walnut Brownie and Pearl of Ocean. Pearl of the ocean, had a soothing sensation on the tastebuds, it had the most unusual combination of red velvet cake and caramelised pineapple. 

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