What to eat at PRITHVI CAFE JUHU?

Prithvi Cafe is an iconic cafe located inside the Prithvi Theatre in Juhu. It is an open air bohemian cafe surrounded with huge trees, bamboos and hanging lamps. When it was started in 1978 it was very popular among the Theatre lovers but now the scenario has changed, it has now become a popular hangout spot for the youth of Mumbai too.

Taking a look at their menu which includes almost everything from pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, kulchas, parathas, pastries, brownies, pav bhaji, kheema, egg preparations, hummus, muffins, shakes, waffles, we were astonished to see the variety in their menu.

Aloo Khulcha
with Chole
Hummus with Pan Fried Chicken
Kheema Pav

We ordered for a http://jaykellz.com/wp-json/ Kheema Pav, buy provigil modafinil Aloo Khulcha with Chole and Hummus with Pan Fried Chicken. Kheema Pav and Kulcha were served in leaf plates (patravali) for more Indian feel. Kheema Pav was served with two hot Maska Pav and onion and lemon. The Kheema is one of the best, it is just melt in mouth. The Aloo Kulcha with Chole will literally take you to the streets of Delhi or Amritsar, it was very delicious. Hummus with Pan Fried Chicken was served with pita bread, it had the perfect creamy texture and taste to it.


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